Dallas Admissions Consulting brings a breadth of experience to its admissions consulting and advising offerings. With over five hundred families served, and an admissions success rate of 94%, we are the premier educational consulting firm in Dallas.

Undergraduate Advising

Dallas Admissions Consulting helps high school students around DFW become the most attractive candidates they can be in the college admissions process. We also work with non-traditional students seek to re-enroll in college, or enroll in college for the first time.

MBA Admissions Consulting

Dallas Admissions Consulting provides the premier MBA consulting for clients in North Texas. Our advisers boast a combined thirty years of experience and  an extremely high success rate, making us the smart choice for those looking for a leg up in the MBA admissions process.

Law School Advising

Our proprietary method for Law School advising is based on our advisers’ successful Law School applications and the leading industry techniques. Refine your personal statement, resume, and interview skills with our expert advisers.

Graduate School Advising

Dallas Admissions Consulting has extensive experience advising clients in a wide range of disciplines. Past advising clients have successfully applied to Master’s of PhD programs in Electrical Engineering, Finance, Speech Language Pathology, Clinical Psychology, among others.

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We’re confident we offer the best admissions advising for undergraduate and graduate programs. Give us a call today to learn more about our unique methods and excellent track record for success.