Career Advising with Dallas Admissions Consulting

Dallas Admissions Consulting and AmericanAdmissions were founded to give high school and college students the tools to succeed in the admissions process. Yet, as our company grew and we worked with hundreds of clients applying to selective colleges, law schools, business schools, and medical schools, we began to recognize the need for long term planning. Education and career success are inextricably intertwined, so much of our work advising students focuses on how to use college and graduate school as a launch pad for a lucrative and fulfilling career.


Put on your suit, son.


But we’ve added in consulting that’s focused solely on helping individuals make strategic career moves to win better paying jobs, gain more fulfilling employment, and craft the type of career they’v always dreamed of. We take a holistic approach, focusing on the multi-faceted needs of the individual, including work-life balance, natural talents, and areas that need improvement.


We apply the same techniques, rigor, and processes of multi-billion dollar consulting firms to analyzing and then improving on the strengths and weaknesses of our individual clients. We develop personal strategic plans to help individuals maximize their capabilities, align them to their career objectives, and start to embody their full potential as people. 


Services include:

  • Resume Review

  • Cover Letter Editing

  • Interview Skills

  • Strategic Career Planning

  • Working with Recruiters

  • Comprehensive Job Hunt


 How Does Our Process Work?


What sets you apart in the job search?

What sets you apart in the job search?


We use a similar process of identifying and then conveying strengths as it relates to career counseling or searching for a new job.


We help our clients understand why they’re valuable and then help them convey that information to potential employers.


Further, with our unique insight into the state of various industries that we’ve honed through advising students on potential career paths, in conjunction with our advisers’ combined decades experience in the job market, our career advising is based on accurate and relevant data points.

Just like applying to an educational program, our career advising is comprised of 4 main steps:


  1. Self-Discovery

Not as esoteric as it sounds, the self-discovery phase helps job seekers figure out who they are, what they’re good at, and where they’d like to be. This process can be fairly straightforward, requiring a session or two, or it can be a longer, more involved process. Either way, this crucial step pays dividends down the line. You cannot effectively get where you’re trying to go if you don’t know where you’re going or if you don’t know how you’ll get there.


Who are you, and why is that relevant?

Who are you, and why is that relevant?

  1. Planning

Your road map for success. Once a client has a decent idea of their strengths and weaknesses, and has drafted a set of requirements for their ideal job or career, it comes time to insert this information into a Personal Strategic Plan. Goals are fine, but they’re nothing if they’re not effectively acted upon. We help out clients put together a timeline for their job search, define the parameters for success, clarify expectations, and explore potential pitfalls. This planning process is comprehensive and allows the implementation stage to work more smoothly.


Planning out the journey.

  1. Implementation

Where the rubber meets the road. Since we’ve done our due diligence in steps one and two, we can easily begin the process of helping a client find a new or better job, or change careers completely.

Concretely, we help clients effectively and succinctly describe their strengths and career experiences in a resume, draft compelling intro letters, and revamp their LinkedIn page. We teach them importance of working their network, digging up job leads, and setting appropriate expectations for their future employers. We also use proven strategies to help clients prepare for interviews and teach them to negotiate the best possible salary.


Time to make your own way.

Time to make your own way.

  1. Follow up

Getting your dream job isn’t always as easy as sending out a few resumes and acing the interview. Finding the right position that pays the right salary can be a lengthy process that sometimes needs tweaking. We act as an ongoing resource for our clients before, during, and after the process of applying for jobs.

A more detailed explanation of our process can be found HERE.


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