Undergrad and Graduate College Advising

Dallas Admissions Consulting offers personalized undergraduate consulting and college advising in Dallas and beyond. We tailor our undergraduate advising to each client’s particular needs. We’re flexible, and we customize our consulting offerings to fit our clients’ busy schedules.

Our advisers have worked with 500 high school students and bring a breadth of expertise to their consulting, along with a deep understanding of the minutiae of the college admissions process.

With hundreds of satisfied clients in Dallas and beyond, our advisers have a superb track record of college admissions success. Whether you’re shooting for admission to Stanford or MIT, or are shooting for scholarship money at a state school, our advisers bring the knowledge and expertise to make your dreams a reality.

Chris P. says: Finally, I can say I am a part of New York University, the college I’ve always dreamed about. To top it off, I’ve been awarded a $30,000.00 scholarship. I cannot say how happy I was to work with American Admissions. Their assistance was invaluable.”

Personalizeed College Advising

College Research, Planning, and Selection

Effective and targeted research and planning is a vital aspect to a successful college admissions process. Students cannot achieve their academic and career goals without a clear understanding of where they’re going, the steps needed to get there, and a measured  implementation of specific strategies to achieve success.

Our advising focuses on academic and career goal setting, identifying best fit colleges, and attention to the complex factors involved in getting admitted to selective programs.

Our work specifically focuses on the strengths of the individual. By helping our clients identify their talents, we empower them to pursue academic and career paths that offer fulfillment alongside success.

Chuck Donnelly says: “Your coaching on application questions and insights into what college admissions were looking for in a student applicant were invaluable. In the end, Matthew received 5 acceptances out of 5 applications. Thanks again for helping Matthew achieve his college dreams!”

Admissions Optimization and Personal-Branding

Dallas Admissions Consulting uses a unique process to help each student market themselves to colleges and universities. We take the proven strategies of marketing firms and tailor them to the admissions process. We help each client identify and craft his or her personal brand, in order to present a cohesive and compelling “best self” to admissions committees.

Competition is tough – students must beat out hundreds and sometimes thousands of competitors to get accepted to a top choice college. The successful use of personal branding functions as an “x-factor” in the admissions process, helping distill a client’s compelling and unique story to admissions committees considering thousands of other candidates.

Kim Lawlor-Jacobs says: “He offered helpful suggestions and fine-tuned essays. Our daughter received acceptance letters from each college that she applied to. We would highly recommend Dallas Admissions Consulting.”

Our clients have been accepted to Stanford, Princeton, MIT, Columbia and more

Design and Crafting of Compelling Essays and Personal Statements

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. We help each client understand the core principles of crafting compelling and impactful personal statements and college essays, which serve as the unifying pieces of the application. We use our past successes as a reference for what works in getting the thumbs up from competitive college admissions committees around the country, resulting in compelling essays that can make the difference in getting accepted to competitive colleges and earning scholarship money.

Jesus Mathus says: “Their help was invaluable for me applying to, and then getting accepted to, my top choice school: The Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology, Along with MIT, Columbia, Chicago, Duke, Cornell, USC, Notre Dame, SMU and Boston College. I’m extremely glad I used them for the help and also highly recommend the team.”

Post-Acceptance Consulting

Here we help clients weigh the pros and cons of different colleges and universities, analyzing the sometimes complex consequences of choosing one school over another. We also help our clients appeal for more generous financial aid offers.

Sarah Colley says: “When we began I was so overwhelmed by all of the questions on the application and about how I should answer them. [But] when I got my letters in the mail, I was pleased to see that I got academic scholarships to all of [the schools I applied to]. The highest scholarship I got was $23,000 per semester!”

Pre-Admissions Consulting

We work with students as early as 8th grade to help prepare them for getting into college.

Today, the college admissions process starts the first day of 9th grade. In order to get into the most competitive colleges, students and parents must think about college applications long before Senior year.

We help our clients focus on personal-branding early, emphasizing choosing extra-curricular and volunteer courses that will enrich a student while preparing for the competitive process of applying to college. Additionally, our advisers walk students and parents through the complexity of high school course selection, preparation for standardized tests, and linking college selection to career success.

We help empower parents and students to understand and thrive in the competitive educational reality of the 21st century.

Martin Gonzales says: “They worked with me, from preliminary preparation for the SAT, to creating a strategy to pursue my artistic/engineering goals. If you know where you are going and what you want, or you have no idea what your next step is, I recommend meeting with American Admissions.”

Interview Skills

American Admissions Consulting prepares its students for college admissions interviews by giving them industry leading tools to make the right impression on the admissions committee.

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