Dallas Admissions Consulting offers excellent graduate school advising and consulting in Dallas and beyond. We tailor our graduate school advising to every client’s particular needs, and we specialize in advising for master’s programs and PhD programs in diverse disciplines.

Our advisers bring over thirty years of industry experience and bring a breadth of expertise, along with a deep understanding of the minutae of the graduate school admissions process, to their consulting. Dallas Admissions Consulting boasts a successful track record of admissions to success to law schools, medical schools, MBA programs, master’s degrees in Social Sciences, and master’s degrees in hard sciences.

With hundreds of satisfied clients in Dallas and beyond, our advisers have an exceptional track record of success. Whether you’re shooting for admission to Stanford or MIT, or want scholarship money at a state school, our advisers have the knowledge and skills to help make your dreams a reality. Below is a sampling of some services we offer.

Graduate Program Research, Planning, and Selection

This is a vital aspect to the admissions process that many students breeze past. One cannot achieve academic and career goals without a clear understanding of the complex factors involved in getting admitted to different programs.

Here we consider the particular strengths and weaknesses of candidates, along with their dispositions and preferences and then run a thorough and complete search to formulate a complex report that maximizes a client’s chances of getting into the graduate school of their choice.

Admissions Optimization and Personal-Branding

Dallas Admissions Consulting uses an innovative process and years of experience to help each client market themselves to graduate programs. We take the proven strategies of marketing firms and tailor it to the admissions process. Each client identifies and crafts his or her personal brand, and learns how to weave it throughout his or her application to present a cohesive and compelling “best self” to the admissions committee.

Competition today is tough – students must beat out hundreds and sometimes thousands of competitors to get accepted to their top choice grad program. The successful use of personal branding functions as an “x-factor” in the admissions process, as it helps distill a client’s compelling and unique story to a admissions committee considering thousands of other candidates. Our focus here is, unsurprisingly, on highlighting strengths and accounting for weaknesses.

Design and Crafting of Compelling Personal Statements

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. We help each client understand the core principles of crafting compelling and impactful personal statement, which serve as the unifying piece of the graduate school application. Advising each step of the way, we use our past successes as a reference for what works in getting the thumbs up from competitive graduate school, law school, and medical school admissions committees around the country. The end result is a compelling personal statement that greatly aids in getting accepted to competitive graduate programs.

Post-Acceptance Consulting

Here we help clients weigh the pros and cons of different graduate programs, and help them analyze the sometimes complex consequences of choosing one program over another. We also help our clients appeal for more generous financial aid offers, fellowships, and grants.

Pre-Admissions Consulting

Dallas Admissions Consulting works with students as early as freshman year of college to help prepare them for getting into graduate school.

The reality today is that the graduate school admissions process starts the first day of freshman grade. In order to get into the most competitive grad programs, students and parents must be thinking about applications long before Senior year.

Dallas Admissions Consulting helps its clients by focusing on personal-branding early, by emphasizing choosing extra-curricular activities, undergraduate courses, and internships that will enrich a student while preparing him or her for the competitive process of applying to graduate schools. Additionally, our advisers walk students through the complexity of course selection, preparation for standardized tests (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT), and linking graduate school to career success.

We help empower parents and students to understand and thrive in the competitive educational reality of the 21st century.

Interview Skills

Dallas Admissions Consulting prepares its clients for graduate school admissions interviews by giving them industry leading tools to make the right impression on admissions committees.