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Dallas Admissions Consulting offers the premier MBA Consulting in Dallas. Our advisers bring industry leading experience in advising students on MBA programs around the country.

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MBA Application Strategy

Our MBA Consulting starts from the top down: we begin the process with creating a comprehensive strategy plan to help our clients maximize their application process. We help clients identify goal and reach schools, paying close attention to work experience, leadership experience, GPA, and test scores.


Personal Branding

From there we walk our clients through our unique process of personal branding. With MBA programs becoming more and more competitive, only a well thought out and comprehensive admissions strategy will cut it. We help our clients identify their competitive advantages that will make them stand out above their peers.


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Personal Statement Advising and Editing

Taking the main advantages of an applicant’s personal brand, we help them select the relevant life and career events that will most stand out to the admissions committee. We use narrative strategies that have their roots in Hollywood script writing and they have helped hundreds of Dallas Admissions Consulting clients get accepted into their top choice programs.

Clients are often astounded at the quality of their completed essays. They often don’t understand how creative a process it is to craft a compelling MBA personal statement. GPA and test scores are often set at this point. The number one way to stand out is by creating impressive and compelling admissions essays.


Resume Review

Our proprietary process of Resume Review helps clients create resumes that are powerful yet concise, impactful but streamlined.

Our resume techniques are founded on Dr. Doric Earle’s twenty five years of corporate hiring experience along with out advisers’ extensive record of admissions success.

A resume is the roadmap of your career and is another chance for you stand out above the crowd.


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Interview Preparation

Using the top interview tips of fortune 500 CEOs, Dallas Admissions Consulting MBA advisers put our clients through a rigorous prep process to be ready for the top ten most common MBA interview questions.

An interview can make or break an application. Use out proven methodology to make a lasting impression.

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