Dallas Admissions Consulting and American Admissions provides comprehensive support and instruction to students applying to college. It offers an unrivaled ability to personalize its instruction to each student to ensure success in college admissions. Serving Dallas and the surrounding areas Dallas Admissions Consulting guides its applicants and their parents step by step through the process of applying to college or graduate school.

The company’s founder, Leo Watts, has been in the business of helping high school students since 2007, when he founded Advanced Scholars Tutors, which helped students ace their Advanced Placement exams. After taking and passing 14 AP exams at The Talented and Gifted Magnet High School, rated US News’ number #1 High School in 2013, and scoring a 4 or 5 on 12 of them, Leo knew he was qualified to share his test-taking techniques and inside information on AP success with other students. This coupled with his teaching and leadership experience including being a former Senior Patrol Leader and Eagle Scout at Boy Scout Troop 636, allowed Advanced Scholars Tutors to mark his first successful foray into the college prep business.

In 2010, after coming back from attending New York University in Manhattan, Leo got a job as an SAT and ACT tutor at a local test prep company in Dallas and has been preparing high school students, one on one, and in classes of up to 15, for the SAT and the ACT, GRE, and LSAT for four years. Working as a professional tutor, Leo Watts has honed his essay writing and editing skills, learned to be an effective communicator with high school and college students, and gained inside knowledge of the college prep business.

After talking with innumerable parents and students confused at the rigor of the college admissions process, Leo decided to create a service dedicated to helping high school students and their parents navigate the college admissions process.

Leo has also completed the college admissions process himself on three separate occasions in the last seven years, successfully gaining admission to top universities with generous scholarship offers, including The University of Chicago, The University of California at Berkeley, Tufts University, New York University, among others. Leo holds a BA in interdisciplinary studies from UT Dallas.

Leo Watts and the growing American Admissions team stay up on cutting-edge industry techniques and news, regularly consult with college admissions officers and successful college applicants, and constantly update and refine American Admission’s techniques and offerings to reflect the ever-changing nature of applying to college in the 21st century. Leo and his team have helped hundreds of students achieve their college dreams, and as assisted in the winning of hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship money.

Dallas Admissions Consulting partners with a group of education professionals based out of Dallas Fort-Worth called Life Launch U and also works in tandem with AmericanAdmissions.com and it’s subsidiaries.