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Dallas Admissions Consulting provides personalized, holistic, and proven college and graduate school advising in Texas and beyond, in partnership with American Admissions.

We ensure each client achieves his or her educational potential through our unique and proven advising tools that identify and develop talent, set ambitious goals, and provide comprehensive support and guidance before, during, and after the application process.

Clients also take advantage of our effective and proven consulting for personal statement crafting, resume writing, scholarship applications, and interview preparation.

We also offer personalized test preparation and tutoring for the SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT, and MCAT, helping over a thousand students make big gains with our innovative strategies and 98th percentile tutors.

Call today to learn how we provide personalized, holistic admissions advising and test prep to students in Dallas and beyond, and join thousands whose educational and career dreams have come true with American Admissions!

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We offer personalized college and grad admissions advising and test prep to clients in Dallas.

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Undergraduate Advising

Our expert college advisers help high school students ace the college application process. Join hundreds of high school students who’ve achieved admissions success through our advising.

Graduate School Advising

Our advisers bring a decade of experience to advising on MBA, Law, Medical, Dental, and PhD programs. Use our personalized approach to craft a compelling application that stands out.

The Best Test Prep in Dallas

Our 98th percentile tutors bring a communicative and empathetic teaching style to test prep for SAT, ACT, GRE,GMAT, and LSAT test prep, in person or online.

Strategic Planning for Individuals

Not only do we help clients get into the school of their dreams, we assist with the process before and after. We can help you become the CEO of your own life.

Reviews & Recommendations

Excellent service for admissions applications. I was applying for different universities for graduate school and Dallas Admissions Consulting helped get me started and into the process with follow up help as well. Highly recommend.
Kian Lavasani
MBA Advising / UT Dallas
I highly recommend [Dallas Admissions Consulting] for anyone hoping to raise their ACT scores. [It] was recommended to my daughter and her score went up 4 points with his help. The new score enabled her to receive a non-resident merit scholarship. Thanks!
Judy Flowers
ACT Tutoring and Admissions Advising / Sunnyvale High School
Dallas Admissions Consulting gave me expert advice when I was looking at graduate schools in the area. Their employees are very knowledgeable about local business programs and know the top ways to get into the program of your choice. They are highly recommended for their service, price, and flexibility.
Ray Rivas
Graduate School Advising / Addison, TX
This program has helped me a lot and I felt very comfortable going in to my SAT and ACT. I was struggling with reaching my scores, but Kevin Vu took me as a student and we quickly prepared for the upcoming exam. The tips, and the advice is all great, I will definitely recommend this to a friend!
Rachel Bennett
ACT/SAT / Bishop Lynch High School
The founder of Dallas Admissions Counseling helped me plan a strategy to apply to over 14 graduate programs. He met with me several times a week for over three months to help me write an amazing personal statement, a resume, and help me study for the GRE. I appreciated his flexibility, willingness to help over email, and knowledge of what schools are looking for. I would recommend him for anyone seeking help to get into school at any level!
Lauren Auer
Graduate School Advising + GRE Tutoring / University of Texas at El Paso
Helpful tips, dedicated tutor, and brought my SAT score up by 200 points with just a few sessions! Highly recommend this program to all students who aspire to attend large universities with competitive admissions. The higher the score the less stress you'll feel when it comes time for the acceptance letters!
Haley Long
SAT Tutoring Student / Sunnyvale High School
Dallas Admissions Consulting helped me apply graduate school at UTA and now I already got my master degree! Leo is really HELPFUL!!
Flora Li
Graduate School Advising / Beijing, China
Leo Watts was by far one of the best people I have ever worked with. He was diligent, extremely flexible and always avaliable via text, call or email. He worked tirelessly on helping me craft the perfect personal statement for law school, and even looked over my entire application as well. Given that law schools do not usually conduct interviews, his expertise and advice in refining my personal statement and resume was truly invaluable and will never be forgotten. He listened to everything I explained I wanted to say and found the perfect way to weave them all together into a beautifully coherent and concise essay about myself. His writing skills are phenomenal and his intelligence on a variety of topics was second to none. He even cares about what happens after you leave his office given that he has checked in on me multiple times since our sessions. As a result, I am happy to say that I not only got into my target schools, but I also received scholarships from them all, and many of them specifically mentioned aspects of my personal statement in a hand written note from the dean of each school. I truly can never thank Leo Watts enough and I would recommend him to any and everyone looking to better any aspect of their academic portfolio.
Greg Garza
Law Student / University of Houston Law Center
The summer after my Junior Year, I began to apply to some very competitive programs for college. With personal statements, it’s easy to get caught up in stereotypical ideas that admissions offices see by the ton. However, Leo Watts helped me to mold my own experiences and ideas into unique and concise essays that conveyed my spirit and my drive. His advice and help were invaluable!
Priya C
As a high achieving, organized professional seeking an MBA I wasn't sure that I would need Dallas Admissions Consulting's help. After working with [my MBA consultant], I felt infinitely more confident in my complete application. The personal statement that he helped me strengthen and make my own was directly brought up by the MBA Director as something that he liked about my application! You owe it to yourself to work with Dallas Admissions Consulting if you want to get into grad school!
Brandon Schneider
MBA Advising / UT Dallas
I worked with Sean McCormick throughout the summer of 2016 in order to prepare for the GRE. When I first came to Dallas Admissions Consulting, my scores were very low. After only a few weeks of tutoring, my score increased dramatically. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking to improve their test scores.
Savannah Goudrea
University of Arkansas
Dallas Admissions Consulting’s help was invaluable for me applying to, and then getting accepted to, my top choice school: The Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology, Along with MIT, Columbia, UChicago, Duke, Cornell, USC, Notre Dame, SMU and Boston College. I’m extremely glad I used them for the help and also highly recommend the team.
Jesus Mathus
Undergraduate Admissions Advising / Massachusett's Institute of Technology
Thanks so much for your assistance to Matthew in his college application process. Your coaching on application questions and insights into what college admissions were looking for in a student applicant were invaluable. In the end, Matthew received 5 acceptances out of 5 applications. Thanks again for helping Matthew achieve his college dreams!
Chuck Donnelly
Undergraduate Admissions Advising / John Paul II High School
A great tutor! Very helpful and nice. He helped me raise my ACT score enough to be eligible for a college scholarship. I highly recommend his services.
Amy Krause
ACT Tutoring Student / Mesquite High School
Dallas Admissions Consulting helped me improve my GMAT score by 130 points [in only four sessions]! When I first took the GMAT my score was too low for any of the schools on my list and with the help of Sean and Dallas Admissions Consulting my list has nearly doubled. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with the GMAT or any other exam!
Katie Shaw
GMAT Student
I recently needed to apply to a position on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, but I wanted some help to make sure my personal statements were really great. I enlisted Dallas Admissions Consulting because I’d heard good things about their abilities. They reviewed my essays and gave me some great tips to help smooth out and sharpen up my writing. I’m very happy with the results and highly recommend them.
Rajiv Dwivedi
Essay Review / UT Dallas
My experience with Dallas Admissions Cons was great thanks to Leo Watts. His enthusiasm and knowledge was quite beneficial throughout the college application process. He offered helpful suggestions and fine-tuned essays. Our daughter received acceptance letters from each college that she applied to. We would highly recommend Dallas Admissions Consulting.
Kim Lawlor-Jacobs
Undergraduate Admissions Advising / Plano Senior High School
Finally, I can say I am a part of New York University, the college I’ve always dreamed about. To top it off, I’ve been awarded a $30,000.00 scholarship. I cannot say how happy I was to work with Dallas Admissions Consulting. Their assistance was invaluable. To start, Dallas Admissions Consulting probed me for my interests, academic and career goals, and academic history. They showed a strong interest in who I was, and gave me tips on how to get where I wanted to go. [My consultant] perfectly explained me what are the target schools that I may choose and what are benefits of choosing one or another. We then researched majors and programs that I could apply to, in order to achieve my long-term educational and career goals, and enumerated the benefits and drawbacks of each. If someone doesn’t understand a situation, he or she will inevitably stumble. Dallas Admissions Consulting was professional and knew how to tactfully handle the obstacles that accompany the application process. This made me feel comfortable and less stressed, and I am fortunate to say that Dallas Admissions Consulting’s advice was invaluable for getting a $30,000 scholarship at my top choice school. I highly recommend to anyone else going through the same step in their lives.
Chris P.
Undergraduate Transfer Admissions Advising / New York University
Dallas Admissions Consulting is the reason I was able to recieve great offers from great colleges. My math ACT score was raised (my worst subject,) and my admission essays improved enormously after [my consultant's] review. He helped brush up my resume, search for scholarships and widen my perspective of career choices and paths that could be suitable for my major. It's after his consulting that I realized international business was my best fit for my career goal. Thanks for all your help!
Paulina Pena
Undergraduate Admissions Advising
When applying to colleges my senior year I constantly felt lost due to my lack of knowledge on this process. [My consultant] helped ease the stress and frustration that comes with applying to college mid-semester by creating a structured plan of action and frequently giving helpful tips on how to maximize my profile. I am now attending Georgetown University thanks to the help of Dallas Admissions Consulting. Definitely recommend [my consultant] for all juniors and seniors applying to colleges in this increasingly competitive process.
Jordi Perez
Undergraduate Admissions Advising
The college admissions process can be more than daunting; it can be straight up terrifying. Even for me, a "top candidate" for the nation's top universities. Applications are long, and it can get very very tiring trying to tackle them on your own. With the help of Dallas Admissions Consulting and it's wonderful owner, I was able to approach the task of applying to the nation's top universities in a way that was both manageable and maximizing. [He] not only helped with the nuances of a college application, but facilitated my most effective writing possible. Through incessant essay editing and help brainstorming, he maximized my own original ideas into something that is necessary for the competitive nature of admission to the nations top universities. Without his help, the quality of my application would be nowhere near what it ended up being. His help was, really, indispensable.
Aaron Marc Reecer
Undergraduate Admissions Advising / McComb's School of Business
It was the summer before my senior year and I had no idea what college I wanted to go to and was concerned about meeting the early application deadlines. [My consultant] explained to me the difference between colleges and universities, and after lots of research, discussions, and lists, and helped me narrow down to 5 small liberal arts colleges that I liked a lot. The next step was starting applying. When we began I was so overwhelmed by all of the questions on the application and about how I should answer them. [The consultant] guided me along the application process with ease. He didn’t tell me what to write nor put words into my mouth, but instead talked me through the questions so I fully understood them and knew how I would answer. He critiqued my answers with helpful suggestions, making sure that I really played to my strengths. I got all of my applications in well before the early application deadlines. While my other friends were still applying to schools when exams came, I could focus on studying for my exams. When I got my letters in the mail, I was pleased to see that I got academic scholarships to all of them. The highest scholarship I got was $23,000 per semester at Dallas College! I was so happy and felt like I had truly accomplished something. If anybody is looking for help with their application (even if you think you have everything under control) I would highly recommend Dallas Admissions Consulting.
Sarah Colley
Undergraduate Admissions Advising / Southern Methodist University
Very pleased with Dallas Admissions Consulting! [Our tutor] helped my daughter increase her ACT score from a 25 to a 29. He was also very flexible with her busy schedule. By the way...She will be attending the University of Texas at Dallas, McCombs School of Business next Fall!
Marie McKnight
SAT Tutoring + Undergraduate Advising / Sunnyvale High School