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Take advantage of our one on one, personalized Law School Admissions Advising. We help you select goal schools, prepare the applications, craft excellent personal statements, prepare for interviews, and everything in between.

The advantages of Law School Admissions Advising are many. It is often invaluable for a student to have a guide to navigate the often confusing process of applying to law school.

Not only that, a Law School Consultant can lend an advantage to an applicant, giving them the extra edge needed to get into a top choice school.

With many top law schools more competitive than ever, Law School Admissions Advising can be the extra step needed to optimize the Law School Admissions process.

Our Advising Advantages

Dallas Admissions Consulting brings a unique perspective to Law School Admissions Advising.

We use our advisers decades of experience advising students on optimizing admissions to help law school applicants gain an extra edge.

We identify a candidates strengths and weaknesses in order to craft a comprehensive plan to optimize the law school admissions process.

Using the strategies of large marketing firms, we place an emphasis on helping our clients develop their personal brandand then convey it clearly and succintly on a resume, personal statements, and interviews.

Our Law School Services

Application Strategy

Taking a top down approach, our law school advisers walk you through the timeline of applying, provide insight in ways to optimize the application process, and help you understand what separates a successful application from an unsuccessful application.


Personal Statement Crafting

The biggest impact a student can have on his or her chances of acceptance at a law school is to craft an excellent, relevant, and unique personal statement.

Admissions committees read hundreds of personal statements a year. Avoiding the common traps of boring, overly formal application essays, and putting together a compelling and comprehensive personal statement can set you a part from your peers.

We’ve helped student write over a thousand personal statements and our advisers understand how to make your writing shine.


Resume Review

After editing hundreds of academic and professional resumes, we understand what works and what doesn’t. Having a sloppy or imprecise resume leaves exactly the wrong impression on a law school admissions officer.


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