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I had a really productive and informative meeting about getting more prepared by understanding college savings accounts. This week, I met with Ryan Ammon, a financial adviser for Edward Jones in [sc name=”city”]. It was also fun. Ryan’s a personable guy and we always get to talking about business and life and run over our scheduled hour meetings.

Ryan and I talked in depth about different strategies for saving for college, both sharing our expertise. He filled in some gaps I had about the technical specifics of different saving accounts for college. He also provided helpful resources that propelled my understanding of making more educated decisions around saving accounts for college (see list below). All parents should know of and take advantage of the tax-breaks allowed to holders of these college savings account. After all, it’s kind of free money. Does anyone not like free money? Here’s a breakdown of 529 plans by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ryan also extended the offer of a free financial planning consultation session to any of my customers or anyone in my network. This is a great opportunity if you have kids or are planning on having them in the future, or just want to learn more about what to do with your money! As I said, Ryan’s a great guy and is very knowledgeable about investing and financial planning. You can find his details on his Edward Jones webpage here.

A few helpful resources on college saving accounts:

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