By: Ken Nguyen


Getting ready for your next SAT tutoring session? Come prepared with a game plan so you can get more accomplished.


Here are some tips to help you get the most out of each test prep lesson.


Know what you want to accomplish and what you want to work on

  • Come prepared with topics you want to ask about, questions that weren’t cleared up before, or completely radical questions that could enlighten. Whatever the case, come with a list of goals, and you will walk away with more accomplished.


Have your homework completed before coming into your session

  • You don’t want to use today’s time to re-learn yesterday’s lesson. Reinforce your understanding of the last lesson by studying at home, then come prepared with all of your questions. Doing this will help you keep moving forward in your preparation.


Be honest with your tutor when you don’t know something

  • Your tutor wants to help you understand everything you need to know, even if it means going over a topic for the fifth time. If you need to talk about it, speak your mind! Your tutor won’t know if you need help if you don’t ask.


Have your materials on hand

  • Always come prepared with the right materials so you’re not left sitting there without the resources you need for success. Basic materials such as a calculator, dictionary, scratch paper, pencil, eraser, and SAT book will be beneficial in helping you stay focused, and so you won’t have to rely on memorizing the whole lesson.

Remember these tips for a successful lesson to help your SAT prep more efficient. Good luck!


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