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Here’s a little blog I wrote for the test prep company I work for, a tutor at Victory Test Prep in Dallas. It talks about, what else, my perspective as a tutor.

Group Of Teenage Students Having Discussion With American Admissions Tutor

My Perspective as a Tutor
By Leo Watts

If you turn on the news today, all you see about education in the United States is turmoil, inefficiency, and chaos. Many 24 hour news stations would have you believe that indeed, tomorrow, high schools around the country will simply DISAPPEAR.

And though it’s clear to see that these trumped up claims and sensationalized stories are just that, sensationalized, there are a lot of troubling facts pertaining to the state of education in this country. Fewer than 50 percent of high school students go on to graduate and that rate is much lower in some poverty-stricken areas, and also for young men and minorities.

This inadequate educational system stands in stark contrast to the fact that all scholars and pundits agree that the key to a thriving and prosperous country rests on a well-educated populace. My perspective as a Tutor is that our economy is increasingly moving away from production and manufacturing and towards a high tech information based economy which relies on skilled workers.

Personally, I have many ideas on how to shape the educational system in America. Unfortunately though, I am just a lowly college student and a SAT tutor; no one has consulted me lately about the state of educational decline in the United States. As a tutor though, I do have the ability to positively affect the lives of my students, and as the sayings go, change starts with the individual, and be the change you want to see in the world.

As someone who graduated from a DISD public school, went through the college admissions process not once, not twice, but three times, and who has attended two different universities in 2 different states, I have intimate knowledge about the state of being a High School and College student in the 21st century. For instance I know that many High Schools do not adequately prepare their students for the grueling process of college admissions and that many parents are (rightly) confused and overwhelmed by the whole ordeal.

When I tutor then, I try to shed light on, or be a resource for, the process of college admissions, and the steps that go along with it.

Importantly too, I take the opposite tone from those too-perfect, make-up smattered 24 hour newscasters. I am not panicked or apocalyptic in my approach to education. These attitudes are not helpful for the college admissions process (or in life for that matter). Instead I work with students at whatever ability level they’re at, and with whatever set of goals they have, to do the best I can to prepare them for the SAT, for college, and for life. Whenever I can sprinkle in anecdotes from history, psychology or philosophy I do so, because I believe in the importance of being a well rounded and well educate individual. So while the college admissions process is something to take seriously, it’s not something to FREAK OUT about. Many conceptions I’ve had about the whole process have been shattered as I’ve moved through my college career. Importantly: just because you don’t get into THAT school doesn’t mean you won’t be happy or successful. Also important: just because you get into THAT school, doesn’t mean that you will be happy and successful. I know that this a perplexing time for our country, and even more so for our youth and young adults, but if you’re worried about the college admissions process, you’re taking the right first step by signing up with Victory Step Test Prep & Tutoring. In case of emergency, identify the exit rows, put on your mask before you assist those around you, and sign up for a classroom or private tutoring program at Victory Step Test Prep & Tutoring. Oh ya, did we mention the Kindles?!

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